For Honor is a brutal game of Knights vs. Vikings vs. Samurai. An observation that I had immediately after getting to know the game, was the immediate affiliation and fandom of specific factions. For a launch tactic, I sold in a subcomponent to the website that would aggregate USG content in a competitive faction vs. faction gaming “killface” in a race to unlock content. Whoever’s faction had the most submissions would unlock content specific to the Samurai, Knight, or Viking.



During the E3 convention, my team created both preplanned and realtime content around the clock for 5 Ubisoft titles. Pre-planned content was developed along side finalization of each title, leading up to E3. Reactive content was created on the spot with a war room process.

During the E3 announcements, we formed a machine like process, putting to weeks months of E3 reactive content rehearsals and brand asset tool kits. The process: Trained social listener identifies reactive opportunity. Strategist approves and sends to creative. Creative Director works with design and writing team to develop content. Content is put in front of client for approval or denial. Pending changes, final file is delivered to a team of community managers and posted on Ubi’s social channels.


Creative Director: Rob Brooks
Director of Strategy: Sonya Cifuentes-Hiss
Art Director: Tin Tran
Design: Spencer Dina & Matthew Perdue
Animation: Spencer Dina
Writers: Zach Ames