When I was introduced to the SS19 line of titled “Vantage,” I saw a huge opportunity to take this collection to a place Rumpl had not yet gone. Prior to my arrival, Rumpl’s products hadn’t been marketed as collections to consumers. This was a great opportunity to do something different and showcase the collection as a family with a strong visual connection.

Rumpl had already established itself in the current trendy #vanlife market, but this was a completely different type of animal. While lots of brands are owning the West Coast/VW/camping/surfing vanlife vibe, this was our opportunity to own something completely new and really lean into 70’s inspired, super stripe, “Vannin'” culture and a very strong aesthetic.

From the beginning, I worked to visually position this category and to create a set of characters and design treatments that were true to real life street van culture. To nail our content, I began showing up at local street van shows and meet-ups until I found the perfect van, which came complete with the perfect “Van Dude” to launch this collection.

This creative approach extended to content, digital and print design, and promotional swag that had fans thirsting to collect them all.