A campaign for a brand that wants you to have fun with a blanket, just as you did when you were 5. Through new age technology and various enhancements, including a cape clip, this adult blankie brings imaginative adventures to life.

Rumpl is a brand that created its own category by reimagining the world of blankets and using outdoor technology to enhance them. It’s a category that literally didn’t exist, but now that it does there are a million copycats, ranging from IKEA to other small start-ups, all creating their own technical, outdoor, performance blankets. Having worked in the outdoor industry for the past two years, I had a real good handle on where everything was going, how things were being said, and what we needed to do to stand out from the sea of sameness within our industry. I knew we needed something that other copycat brands couldn’t do, say, claim, or even consider as their approach.

Rumpl is inherently an adventurous brand that wants you to have fun with it. While it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it does take technology and product quality very seriously.