During my first month at Rumpl, I immediately hit the ground running to launch the new and improved Rumpl 2.0. I led creative for all consumer-facing and wholesale-facing “go-to-market” roll out. Rumpl 2.0 featured new technology, performance improvements, post consumer recycled materials, new product franchises, and new ways to have more fun with a Rumpl. This case study features the tease campaign, as well as the post launch consumer communication. In addition to the product features, I also spearheaded a consumer-facing digital advertising campaign that can be viewed here.


Rumpl is a start-up and often requires a scrappy, hands-on approach. Throughout our launch of Rumpl 2.0, I wore many hats: positioning, content creation, planning, producing, art direction, and design/design direction. I even shot some some of the content. Meanwhile, I was still overseeing teams, managing, and maintaining a larger creative vision, as I have done in my previous creative director roles.


One of our more exciting innovations for 2.0 was the introduction of Nanoloft, an entirely new product franchise within our collection. The following video shows two of our touch points in communicating the new category’s features and benefits.


The following video features two of the touch points that ran after launch, educating our consumers in our process and dedication to sustainability.


Educating consumers on why and how they should make their purchase decisions can be challenging for any new brand, especially in a category that doesn’t have strong awareness. I worked on assigning relevant use-case specific content and guidance through dynamic landing pages and various forms of social communications. The performance benefits helped to designate the use-case, and our content shoot was created based on story narratives that I put together with real world talent using the product as intended.


Prior to our consumer-facing launch, I introduced our product innovations in trade-facing communication. The following images feature our booth from Outdoor Retailer and how we introduced our product innovations to this audience. I laid out this entire booth in addition to shooting the sell-in lifestyle photography for our new categories.

Planning Rumpl 2.0 Launch

With a launch of this magnitude, and with a team as small as mine, I knew our plans needed to be dialed. After having synced with our director of strategy on our key stories and milestones, I began to chart a campaign map to help guide our process. Starting at top of funnel, and hitting all touch points along the way, this became our guide to bringing this program to life.