Autumn of 2016, I was hired by ManaMedia in Portland to establish the creative approach on visually showcasing three of Google’s sustainability main initiatives. This was a very important project for Google, which is making huge leaps in tech innovations along with investments in clean, sustainable energy.

Our first step was to establish a strong point of view on how to photograph the landscapes. Our desired outcome was to stand out from what’s currently very familiar within the sustainability category. It was important that we capture the uniqueness of their geographical surroundings and showcase the power, scale, and commitment to the natural environment in an unexpected aesthetic. Taking inspiration from great landscape artists such as Andreas Gursky and Edward Burtinski, we established a visual style and began researching the three unique locations via Google Earth. We decided to shoot primarily from a helicopter, to allow for maximum altitude and versatility.

I then partnered with Sam Kweskin, a talented landscape and lifestyle photographer, to travel between three countries (in three different hemispheres), racking up countless layovers, to bring to life this especially rewarding project. Images were captured in Northern California, the Chilean desert, and in The Netherlands.

View Google’s full sustainability report HERE.




Along with presenting my selects, I provided Google with an editorial guide and recommendations on how to use the photography and mix styles macro textures with relatable patterns and formulas from our aerial shots.


Art Director: Rob Brooks
Photographer: Sam Kweskin
Agency: ManaMedia