DeviantArt is the largest online artist network in the world, and holds rank as one of the top 10 social networks in the United States. During the immense success accrued during its 15 years online, DeviantArt had grown a very massive community, but remained rather visually stagnant as a website and as a brand. I was hired for 5 months to act as Creative Director on the new brand, strategize how to roll it out, and work on elevating the internal creative output.

When approaching how to launch the new look and feel, as well as a mobile app, lots of components were taken into consideration and a rock solid launch plan needed to be developed.


During my initial briefing, it was hammered home that we must be extra careful not to polarize the loyal and long standing community that had grown accustomed to logging into the same DeviantArt daily over the past 15 years.

Through a digital tease campaign, we introduced the upcoming changes by bringing a touch of the old with a touch of new. Utilizing the current long standing mascot, we guided the user through a series of mysterious easter egg discoveries. This discovery process ignited rumors and intrigue from the community about exactly what was coming.

While serving as Creative Director on this project, I worked day in and day out directly with the CEO and executive team to better understand the community and its history.