I directed my first lifestyle photoshoot for Miller Brewing in 2002 as a Junior Art Director. I learned a lot that day (and still cringe and laugh while reminiscing  about that shoot).  While my confidence and approach have changed dramatically over the 17 years since, one thing that has remained the same throughout those years and across a diverse range of clients is the need for visual stories. No matter what media, marketing tactic, campaign approach, or budget, a strong understanding of how to create appropriate assets, stories, videos, stills, and media has been an important and never ending demand. Over the years, I have seen that what clients need most is more content, but not always with broadcast level budgets and production complications. The following collection of images, as well as a supercut video, contain samples displaying the results of a variety of client needs.

Each example is just one part of bigger programs and integrated campaigns, which are expanded upon throughout my portfolio.


Photography is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I am passionate about doing it right, thinking through a creative approach and strategy, and working with a style that makes sense for the brand. I always start with a big idea and go in with a dialed plan for narratives, asset creation, or just a strong image bank. I am the type of creative who values strong art direction and establishing or adhering to a strong photographic style. I love partnering with photographers, producers and dp’s. In situations where budgets just don’t allow for partners, I will shoot some content on my own. While these photos are the final products, I‘m always happy to share some of my behind the scenes approaches in person.