In 2009, my new Bacardi experiential client came to my team with a challenge. He wanted us to help him make the Bacardi music program cool again. Shortly after meeting our new client, I realized he was deeply connected in the music industry. My creative team and I were also passionate about music, always sharing new bands and searching the internet for new trends in the music industry. We brainstormed ideas to create something bigger than a marketing program. Our idea was to invent Bacardi’s own sub-branded music tour.

I began by meeting with the client and a few partners for an extended brain-dump session. For two days straight, we identified genres of music, aesthetics, partnerships, cultural relevance, and other various elevating factors that we could bring to the program. After this meeting, we began six months of preparation for a nationwide music tour, including partnerships with Fader, Vice, and visual artists, as well as an aesthetic that paired well with the chosen music styles and cultures.

We worked very closely with our client and with our partner execution agency, Javelin, throughout the process to bring to life our fantasy elements of the tour.


In the 2009/2010 era during which this tour kicked off, blog-able music, subculture, and street fashion began bubbling up with thematics borrowed from early 90’s nostalgia. High tops, cassette tapes, boom boxes and the like were taking over Urban Outfitters and other trend-setting faucets in the United States.

After a lengthy research and aesthetic trend forecasting session, we decided to embrace all things music-nostalgia and use it as our guiding light. We created everything from its likeness, including the tour stage.  We also looked at what types of art and illustration styles were popular within the Indie music circles and began creating promotional graphics, giveaways, poster art, custom printed tees, and more.