When I stepped into the role as Brand Creative Design Director, I noticed that there wasn’t an existing visual direction applied to any of Keen’s consumer communications. After discussing it with the VP of Creative, I was tasked with developing a visual creative approach that could unify our various franchises and touch points while providing a conceptual fabric to our creative stories. Knowing that Keen is very organic and playful, I decided to lead with a direction that felt human, an approach that only a brand like Keen could own, and one that ladders up to a conceptual reason for being.

During this same time period, four target consumers were identified as our primary consumer segments. These segments were used to group product categories and to identify our real targets. In conjunction with my design approach, I worked closely with my team to position each segment and define their behaviors and personalities.

This consumer segmentation was taken into consideration when developing the brand’s visual directive.  Leading with the largest segment category, Adventure Travelers,  I developed an approach that was rooted in concept and modified/adapted to fit our other three categories of consumers. This approach was inspired by the human touch and a collection of stories layered throughout a traveler’s journal. I also implemented a rule that all design assets and visual accents be true to the content and location in which the adventures took place. With an organic, perfectly imperfect, deconstructed grid as a foundation for the visual approach, this direction was then applied to each seasonal story throughout 2018.


This approach was unveiled at a global summit, where I presented the creative direction to our global marketing and creative arms. They were educated on the fundamentals of this dierection, as well as how to use the tool kits that we created for each seasonal story. Below is an example of one of the tool kits that was created and used globally for promotion of the 15th anniversary of Keen Newport.